The Ned Hotel – design team visit

On Thursday 18th May, we visited The Ned Hotel, which opened in April. It is based in Bank, London, in the heart of the city. Uniquely, The Ned was a bank before becoming a hotel, and has 252 rooms and several restaurants and bars, and some wonderful features that tell of the building’s past.

The entrance is breath-taking, the high, decorative ceilings with pendant lights and massive supporting pillars are spectacular, and the beautiful piano playing soft music just added to the atmosphere. The ambience created by such a space is great to experience, and every guest had dressed up for the occasion. We knew we were in for a memorable night!

As we explored we found a nook with several comfortable armchairs and sofas, a great place to settle down with the many books displayed in cabinets. We then made our way around the different floors. The corridors and the lifts had an old fashioned air about them. The green wallcoverings worked well with the floral carpet, and the wooden furniture added to the theme.

Situated in the basement is a nail salon with a fun vibe, the bright pink fluorescent light displaying the words “Cheeky” summed up the look and feel really well. In contrast the barbershop had a more traditional look with a black and white tiled floor, and a nod to green again with some upholstered chairs.

To finish, we saw the huge wheel, which was once used to reach the vault when the building was a bank. It was for me the most stunning part of the hotel, and incredibly memorable.

This part of the hotel is reserved for members, as is the rooftop with the swimming pool, the fitness room and the spa. There is a definite air of exclusivity, that we were delighted to be a part of.

We recommend a visit to The Ned highly, it’s a great place to be and in a brilliant location for exploring London.

You can find out more about The Ned Hotel by visiting their website