Street art of Shoreditch – as seen through the eyes of Ludivine Betemps

By June 23, 2017Interns

A few days ago, I went to Shoreditch in East London to explore its renowned displays of street art. The examples of street art are very different from each other, but all possess a common characteristic of being vibrant in colour. It brings lots of freshness and dynamism to the area and you never know which kind of drawing is going to appear around the corner. This is what makes Shoreditch so unique.

Some street art is easily noticeable and others are more hidden. Sometimes you have to look towards the sky to find the drawing at the top of a building. Some of them have a real significance and have the purpose of broadcasting an idea. It is amazing how a drawing can express a message, sometimes more than using words.

I really appreciated the artwork of the boy with the hood (see photos below). His face is very expressive. He seems to be staring back when you look at his eyes. But my favourite drawing was the one with the word “Heart”. I really liked its shades of colours, with these blue, purple, and burgundy tones.  The colours used for the word “Heart” are so powerful that it looks like a neon light. It makes a play of word because the pink colour highlights the word “Art”. Then it’s like a nod. Beautiful flowers are drawn around this word.

I finished my wander by walking in Brick Lane. I really enjoyed being part of the crowd, looking at all the products displayed on the numerous market stalls, especially during a sunny day. I really drank in the pleasant atmosphere associated with this area.

To sum up, Shoreditch is a place where creativity is fully deployed. Explore this surprising area of London and see a firework of colours.

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Blog written by our French intern, Ludivine Betemps, Rethink Interiors Marketing Design Assistant. Whilst on her placement with us, Ludivine has actively attended industry events with the Rethink Interiors team and explored a lot of the UK in her own time. We have enjoyed learning about her insights into British culture and hearing of her experiences of design exploration!