Rewarding great Interior Design with NEWH – through the eyes of our intern Ludivine

On Thursday 27th April, we were invited to an evening organised by NEWH, which is a hospitality industry network. The purpose of this event was to reward three companies, for having carried out successful interior design projects.

After facing the crowds and the rush of the Underground, the team and I arrived at the prestigious Hilton London Tower Bridge, located close to The Shard. I couldn’t wait to attend my first official appointment outside the office.

My first feeling was very positive. The lobby is a place which provides a warm atmosphere, thanks to the golden shades. We were warmly welcomed – an employee took our coats before proposing different sweet beverages, to enjoy inside a cosy space. The sofas were very comfortable, and the wall lights had original shapes, making some interesting shadows.

After every guest had arrived, a representative introduced the evening and the different companies.

Afterwards, each company introduced itself and showed its projects, through a PowerPoint presentation with pictures. It was very interesting to discover work from other companies, with a different point of view.

I now understand that such projects require complete involvement, and lots of hardworking hours. I was impressed to notice how passionate the workers are for what they do. At the end of the presentations, the three companies were rewarded for their successful projects. It was a beautiful moment with cheers, smiles, joy and lots of photographs.

Before leaving, we could eat and talk with the other guests in a friendly atmosphere, which was great for networking and meeting new people.

When I left the Hilton Hotel, the sky was getting dark. I was surprised to realise that I hadn’t noticed the time passing. And then all that was left to admire was the impressive Shard pointing to the sky, gleaming in the night. This last view was the perfect end to this lovely evening.

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Blog written by Ludivine Bétemps, Marketing Design Assistant Intern