Top 5 tips for creating a relaxing yet practical nursery by Dr Eren Demir of Babios

By July 26, 2018Inspiration, News

There can’t be many things more exciting than decorating a nursery, in readiness for a new baby. We asked Babios, specialists in children’s furniture, what they would recommend to parents in the midst of planning their first nursery.

1 – Choose Textiles Before Paint
There are so many fabulous textiles available for nurseries, often with playful prints that provide a fun focal point for the interiors. It is much easier to match a paint colour to the colour of a cushion or curtains, than the other way around, especially with the use of colour-match technology. Fall in love with some textiles and work backwards from there.

2 – Create a Feeding Station
New mothers will always benefit from calm, peaceful surroundings, but especially when feeding their baby. Getting comfortable is key, so invest in a nursing pillow and a nursing chair, if budget and space allows. Ensure that essential items such as muslins and breast pads or bottles are close to hand by storing them together on a side table or storage unit.

3 – Nappy changing made easy
A changing table may have a short life span  (it won’t be long before your baby is crawling in every direction imaginable!) but it is a practical and some would say essential piece of furniture in the early days. Changing nappies numerous times a day is back-breaking work if you’re kneeling on the floor every time. A changing table or unit often has storage beneath, which will quickly be made use of with the many lotions and potions you’ll invest in. A nappy Genie is a great purchase for disposing of nappies in a hygienic and odour-free fashion and will save you dashing outside to the bin after every change.

4 – Less is more
Nursery furniture will need to be replaced with something bigger fairly quickly, so buy the essentials and think about your future needs. A great investment is furniture that can be converted and changed as your child grows. There are some ingenious cot bed designs that later turn into a toddler bed or useful storage.

5 – Colour + Lighting
Colours have been shown to have a significant effect on behaviour. Green, purple, and blue colour shades are said to be cool colours, while pink, orange, and red are considered to be warm colours. Use of cool colours in your baby’s nursery can make the room appear more spacious and relaxing, creating a calm environment that could in turn aid sleep. Soften cool colours by blending them with neutral colours, such as white to avoid the nursery from looking too cold. The intensity of the colours painted in your baby’s nursery plays a vital role in their mood and attitude. For instance, dark shades of red can over stimulate your baby and make them fussy. Further information on the the effect of colours on baby’s mind, emotions and health can be found here. Avoid harsh lighting by installing dimmable overhead light fixtures for your baby’s comfort. Place an accent lamp by the cot for bed-time story-telling and late-night feedings.

Using the above tips, prepare your baby’s nursery space in plenty of time to ensure that new furniture and painted elements fully air out before baby arrives. This also ensures you can focus on enjoying your new bundle of joy to the full!

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