Maddy Saddler, Senior FF+E Interior Designer: My interior design journey

By March 20, 2017News

I have always had a strong interest in interiors, and design and art, were always my favourite subjects at school. I studied Human Geography at University allowing a strong interest to develop in regeneration, buildings and design, as well as improving the environment in which people are living – both physically and visually.

Following this I studied a post-graduate course in Interior Design and started a placement, which turned into my job at Rethink Interiors. I have just entered my fourth year in the company and I love being an Interior Designer. My job allows me to do one of my favourite things: be creative, with the added bonus of making spaces beautiful for people!

I love that we play a part in encouraging people to not only explore the world, but engage and interact with each other in so many different spaces. I believe our environment and surroundings play such a strong part in how we feel and I enjoy knowing we can improve the quality of life for people by improving spaces. It’s always been important for me to do something I love and for there to be a positive outcome from designing. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do both.

To any aspiring interior designers, my words of advice would be always believe in your creative ideas and don’t be afraid of negative feedback – it allows you to learn and push your boundaries. Remain passionate, listen to others and most importantly enjoy designing.

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