Luxury Hotels Around the World 2017

By March 24, 2017Inspiration

With the release of Travel + Style’s top 70 luxury hotel openings of 2017, the Rethink Interiors design team has been day dreaming about which would be their favourite hotel to visit on the list (click here to see the original article) Here are some of our thoughts.

Maria Villar, Interior Designer

I’d love to have the chance to visit Casa Cook Kos, Marmari, Greece.

The concept of ‘less is more’, as Mies Van Der Rohe used to say, it’s perfectly shown in this hotel. Simple lines and neutral colours both together generate a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Basic materials like exposed concrete or woven textures remind you of the typical construction in Greece; I love when a place has a true sense of locality. The massive windows seamlessly integrate the inside with the outside, so the blue sea becomes part of the scheme. The rich ink blue and monochrome patterns, bring a touch of luxury to this inviting guestroom.

Everything evokes the simplicity of good design that I’m a fan of.

Maddy Saddler, Senior FF+E Interior Designer

The hotel I would love to visit this year is the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya!

I love the simplicity of the furniture and the neutral colour palette combined with punches of orange. This mixed with the different fretwork designs produces a strong and sophisticated design throughout the hotel.

My favourite elements in the design are the feature lighting in the public areas, especially above the pool area as they create a moody ambience and form an impressive focus within each area. I also like the small, quirky touches shown through the different finishes, patterns and shapes, for example the shape of the mirror or the water jug in the bedroom adding unique features. The overall hotel design brings out elements of luxury hotel inclinations, by providing a focused dining area within the bedroom and reducing the desk space making it even more inspiring!

It is a resort style getaway which I think is conveyed well through the design, as there is a feeling of calmness shown and I would love to experience a week (or more!) exploring and relaxing in this hotel.

Ailsa Macgregor, Senior Interior Designer

If I could take my pick of hotels to visit this year mine would be The Silo, Cape Town, South Africa.

What stood out most to me about this hotel is its cultural significance to Cape Town. Having once been the heart of South Africa’s industrial and agricultural development its tall concrete structure has great significance to Cape Town’s skyline. It has now been renovated into a luxury hotel to which the main exterior change was the unique glazing ‘pillow’ windows, which transformed it from an industrial structure to a piece of art. The abstract pillow glazing was motivated by the building’s history, taking inspiration from the grain kernels – the intention was for them to glow like lanterns over the harbour. The views over the city from the guestrooms are captured and framed beautifully through the glazing. The interior design does not disappoint with its collective mix of furniture, colours and textures, all of which bounce off the glazing design to create the feeling of being in an art gallery. If I get the chance to visit Cape Town I will definitely take the time to visit!

Kate Martin, Founder + Managing Director

My choice of hotel is Hoshinoya Bali, Ubud, Bali.

Having never visited Bali, it is on my bucket list, and this resort looks so tranquil and appealing! Set in the hills of Ubud and surrounded by lush rainforests, Hoshinoya Bali looks like a true escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a proper rest and relaxation experience.

The masterplan design is inextricably bound to water, with three canal style swimming pools that branch off to semi-private pools for each of the villas. The three villa options all look comfortable and maximise the views and swimming possibilities. Whether you aspire to the best access to the pools, views of majestic jungle, or airy openness combined with quiet privacy, there is a villa to suit. Each villa has been crafted by the local master builders who have used their knowledge to ensure cool, shaded areas as well as sun spots. The mix of Japanese and Balinese design and cultures create a harmonious atmosphere which looks like it would promote a revitalising and carefree experience followed by a fantastic night’s sleep!

The Spa facilities appear to enhance the relaxation feel of the resort, and the cuisines available seem to be a fusion of Bali’s finest ingredients and Japan’s culinary techniques which look full of colour and flavour.

I am very intrigued to see the artists carvings that are evident around the resort. This looks like the sort of place I could quite happily spend a week or two exploring!