Kaleidoscope of colours: five shades that our Design Team love

By March 22, 2017News

With Pantone and Dulux having announced their respective colours of the year 2017, the Rethink Interiors design team have put together their favourite colours for projects spanning 2016 through to 2018. As a lot of the projects we work on have long build times, we try to steer clear of trends, instead opting for designing with a timeless mentality so the finished project looks as good as when we started conceptualising it! Individuality and authenticity is also extremely important to our designs – a topic our peers discussed in Conversations in Design: Designing Difference at London Design Week 2017.

Tones of grey are continuing to be preferable to cream / beige colour palettes. It is a neutral colour that can be balanced well with strong accent colours – orange, mustard, and blue making it an easily adaptable base colour to any interior. Available in a multitude of shades ranging from warm tones to cooler palettes the possibilities are endless. Grey can also be adapted to any season and with Scandinavian design showing no decrease in popularity; it fits in well with present-day trends. We like the idea that it can create a tranquil interior which falls in line with the current trend of wellness, the outdoors and Hygge, a Danish concept that is defined as “creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.”

For an accent colour, mustard can bring life and depth to a scheme, and because of its rich, earthy undertone we find this works well in contract situations for durability over other shades of yellow. Although mustard isn’t prevalent as an overall colour in a lot of recent fabric launches, hints of it are evident within patterns and as piping details, tie backs and such like. Mustard can add a highlight pop of colour to grey, blue, or turquoise interior design schemes – especially when used as an accent statement piece such as textured and patterned cushions, or a stunning piece of wall art.

Green continues to be a popular colour for our schemes, especially given the locations of some of our projects in the UK countryside as well as Africa and wanting to bring nature indoors. Forest green is becoming more popular in 2017 as opposed to the lime and emerald greens we saw more of last year. When used alongside earthy browns and punches of white or light grey, it creates a fresh colour palette which can be adapted to numerous interior areas. We love geometric tiles in rich green tones with fresh white grout to add a sense of luxury and excitement to washrooms.

Blue is another colour that we have found suits our current projects especially in hotel public areas – tones of midnight, sapphire, denim and peacock all adorn our inspiration boards and work in progress! These shades are so versatile and the tone of a room can be altered depending on which shade of blue and which accent colour are used. Denim walls with copper and marble fittings make for a sophisticated dining experience; midnight blue with shades of blush pink and peacock accents make for a comfortable and inviting bedroom. Sapphire blue teamed with gold accessories and highlights add a sense of drama and richness to a scheme.

Purple is one of those colours that is classic yet can come in and out of fashion. Purple is luxurious, regal, delicate, moody and spiritual. It’s a combination of both blue and red (cold + warm) and refers to indigo and violet in the colour spectrum. Having both blue and red tones it’s very versatile as a colour scheme enabling it to create various interior moods. Depending which hue of purple you choose, it isn’t overwhelming as a colour choice and could easily fill an entire room space. Yet you can easily add pops of colours that compliment on the colour spectrum that convert the scheme from relaxed / ambient to vibrant and alive. Colours that work well as accents are lime green, turquoise, magenta, and gold.

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