Ilona Eon, Marketing Intern: Independent Hotel Show 2016

On Tuesday 18th October my day didn’t begin like usual, instead I had to meet Maria and Ailsa in front of Olympia, London. Lots of people were waiting to enter the Independent Hotel Show – quite an impressive sight of industry professionals all ready to start a day’s networking!

It was quite daunting as this was my first time at an event such as this, however I quickly forgot my fear as I walked between the aisles admiring all the stands. There were lots of companies from different sectors – fabrics, furniture, artwork, lighting, equipment… We even saw a security dog company!

It was interesting to see some of our design team be inspired by the collections and find new ideas for current projects.

My aim for visiting was to take photos – there were so many interesting things though it was impossible to photograph them all! There were lots of original, unusual and modern items. I was like a child amid the stands, I would like touch everything. The show presents a curated collection of over 300 innovative products and services.

After a quick tour, Maria and Ailsa needed their morning cup of tea. Am I the only girl in England who doesn’t like tea?! The beverage stand was in the middle of a designed interior. We sat on original armchairs and plush sofas complete with throws. We admired the original pendant lights, the accessories… it was so comfy and cosy!

As we continued around the show, our designers continued networking with exhibitors and other attendees. It was fascinating for me to see how Rethink Interiors find suppliers, customers and ideas. I loved seeing these exchanges. I’m a marketing assistant but I’m also studying commercial aspects on my course, so it was very interesting.

I’m very happy to be part of Rethink Interiors and share this event with the team. It was great to experience more of the design side and see what happens at industry events. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to explore the Independent Hotel Show. Maybe, in the future, I’ll have a career within a design sector!

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