Henley Royal Regatta 2015

By July 8, 2015News

Our French intern’s first experience at a genuine British event – a day at the Henley Royal Regatta!

As a marketing intern, I spend most of my time in the office, in front of my computer. What a surprise when I was invited by a supplier to the Henley Royal Regatta last Friday! This event was my first experience of a networking day out but I also discovered for the first time the British countryside!

Kate, Ailsa and I arrived at Henley-on-Thames around 10am, just in time to have breakfast in a quaint little coffee shop, the ‘Hot Gossip’. After a delicious bagel, we wandered back to the train station to meet Lee from VADO and Alex from BAGNODESIGN before the 30 minute walk to the Thames Suite hospitality tent. Fortunately I was not wearing high heel shoes!

Once arrived, we were treated like VIP’s – a well decorated table with a view of the river, a personal waitress, several bottles of wine and unlimited access to the buffet. How lucky we were to be invited by such a friendly and generous host. I have probably never drunk so much Champagne in a day; despite my French origin! I couldn’t help but notice how the people were dressed; the perfect example of true traditional British fashion. The women wore very classic summer dresses and hats (a look that is considered quite old fashioned and no longer embraced often in France). I really adored the men’s fashion styles – bright rowing blazers, colourful trousers and brogue shoes. So British, so cliché, so fabulous!

During the afternoon, 5 other guests joined us at the table (including another French woman). We spent a wonderful day together; we all had fun and laughed a lot (maybe because of the champagne bubbles!). For tea time, we ate delicious cakes and then we got on a boat for a cruise on the river.

After that, it was time to leave Henley-on-Thames and come back in London. Unfortunately we missed our train but it was just a good reason to spend more time together! After an hour travelling, Paddington station marked the end of this fabulous day…

I will never forget this incredible experience; and the people I met on the day. Hopefully the memories won’t wear away as I have the pictures to remind me how wonderful this day was.

Thank you so much to Lee and Kate for inviting me on this networking day out!

By Anaïs, marketing intern + French!