EK+B Awards 2017 – kitchen and bathroom design

The EK+B Awards was an event I hadn’t heard about before and, so it was a pleasure to be invited by Faucets, via Becky at Crosswater. It was held at The Brewery right next to the Barbican.  The room was a good size – not too big not too small making it perfect for a day event ‘luncheon’. The room was decorated in a galaxy theme with moons and stars everywhere, really throwing you off what time of day it was.

Faucets were hosting our table and it was a mix of wholesalers and manufacturers as well as moi! Each person was given a goodie bag containing a Christmas calendar, Christmas pudding and chocolates. The meal was a delight and it was complimented by some great entertainment by the Jack Pack who were on Britain’s got Talent.

As the awards were purely focused on kitchens and bathrooms it meant we could really focus our attention on these areas and gather lots of inspiration. The host of the awards was again a comedian Rob Beckett adding a fun twist to what could be too serious. Faucets were also up for a nomination -which gave our table something to cheer about!

The evening or should I say afternoon closed with a wonderful performance by a gospel choir. Everyone one continued onto the local pub to carry on the celebrations into the evening. I really enjoyed this event as it was more intimate that any other award ceremony’s I’d been to. It was great to learn about some new innovative products hitting the market and hope we can incorporate them in our future projects.