David Clouting with LG Hausys Design Seminar at The Gherkin

Ludmilla Michel – marketing intern

Last Thursday, the Rethink Interiors team was honoured to be invited by David Clouting Ltd to the LG Hausys Design Seminar. As a marketing intern (+ French), I didn’t expect to be invited to an event like this. It was even more surprising when we learned that the event would be in the famous Gherkin building of London!

We were all really excited to go inside this building and to admire London from the Gherkin’s top floor! We arrived at this event as elegant as possible and we were really welcomed by our host, Scott Davis of David Clouting. With a glass of Champagne and several delicious canapés, we were all amazed by the view across London’s skyline.

Then, we were invited to go upstairs. I was particularly surprised to see that there was another floor. Once arrived at this floor, we sat and received some pretty gifts from LG Hausys (pen, USB key, notebook). Thank you so much!

When everybody was seated, the seminar started. The first part: LG’s design innovations presented by one of their most recognised designers, Joseph Kim. This presentation was really interesting. We discovered their interior film collection and how they have been inspired thanks to 3 themes: Magis, Animal and Gift.  For my part, it was really interesting to see this presentation to understand how they build their project and how they create the collection from these inspirations. The concept videos were truly beautiful!

After this first part, we returned at the previous floor for a food and drinks break. Several waiters brought us wine and several nice dishes. It was really pleasant!

We continued with the second part of the seminar which was a demonstration of the technology and installation of interior film. Claire Lim gave us many details about the products and technical capabilities. It was interesting to see how easy it is to install interior film!

We finished the event with several macarons which reminded me of France! We didn’t expect to leave the event so late, but we really enjoyed it so didn’t watch the time.

Thank you again to David Clouting Ltd and LG Hausys for inviting members of our team to join them at this fantastic event in the Gherkin!

For more information about David Clouting visit www.davidclouting.co.uk

For more information on LG Hausys visit www.lghausys.com