Decorex, everyone should visit it once in their design career, right?

Having been in the industry a while you would have thought either myself or Maddy would have visited Decorex before…well we hadn’t! Maybe it was down to the awkward location or that we didn’t know enough about it? Well you’ll be glad to know it’s 2017 and we made it!

But was it worth it I hear you ask?!

Yes it was and here is what we’ve discovered!

  • Getting out of the big city life is good for you! Decorex is located in the beautiful green Syon Park. The green surroundings can’t help but make you feel happier.
  • The amount of product stands can seem overwhelming upon arrival, but once you’re in the swing of things it’s easy to navigate around.
  • With such a wide variety of stands you’ll be surprised not to bump into too many familiar faces, which is refreshing when looking for new inspiration.
  • But of course, amongst the unknown you’ll be reassured to see a couple of familiar faces.
  • The Champagne bar looked fantastic taking pride of place in the centre and creating a great excuse to stop for a quick break.
  • The show felt like an efficient way to be updated with new products in the industry – we managed to whizz round in an impressive hour and it felt like we achieved a lot!
  • Transport on departure was helpful and we were chauffeured back to the appropriate station, making the journey back to the office much more enjoyable.
  • Overall atmosphere was positive and fresh, with lots enthusiastic staff there to help and those by their stands were very pleasant – a great lift just as we’re coming to the end of Summer!

We were glad we made the trip to see Decorex 2017 and we especially loved Dupenny with her interactive wallcovering that we could colour – they were designs we had never seen before! Another that caught our eye was a wallcovering with quirky bananas by Charlotte Jade!

We would recommend this event and would love to go back, however our top tip would be to free up the whole day in your diary so you can enjoy the show and the surroundings of Syon Park!

To find out more about Decorex International check out their website