Bon Voyage from our French intern!

By March 18, 2016Interns

It’s almost time for me to go back to France! I can’t believe how the time has gone by, it’s as if I arrived only two weeks ago! But before I leave, I would like to return to some great memories I have with the Rethink Interiors team, how amazing my intern experience was in this Company and what it has brought to me.

When I applied to Rethink Interiors, the main things which attracted my attention were interior design, but also the image which emerged from that company, like a little family, seemingly all very lovely and nice. And, actually, I wasn’t disappointed at all!

It was my first internship in a foreign country and I’m so glad to have realised it in Rethink interiors. My head objectives were to make my first steps in the ‘Business World’ and learn a lot about it, as well as discover a new culture and gain more independence. I’m pretty sure I achieved this!

Indeed, I met and worked with passionate people, who gave their time to convey and explain me their knowledge about interior design and marketing. I followed the Company evolution throughout two months with its organisation, its history, and its values. Then, I learned more about professional procedures and responsibilities. I had loved working in hospitality interior design, and I would like to pursue my studies in this way.

I love London life! There are always new things to do and to discover, each area has its particularities and people are very helpful. As Maddy, Ailsa and Lauren took me to showrooms, cinema, restaurants and bars, I felt like I was a London girl too! I still remember the first showroom we did together, and after when we shared a pizza for dinner. It was really different from usual because we were out of the office and we discovered more each other.

I’ll never forget my 20th birthday, when I arrived in the office, they left me a surprise on my desk… some pastries and a lovely birthday card signed by all of them. Karole brought me a carrot cake as she knew I loved it! Then, we also went together to a pretty restaurant for lunch.

One of my favourite memories is also of our afternoon team outing last week, organised by Kate who took us to eat in a beautiful restaurant before visiting the luxurious Rosewood London Hotel. We just ate, talked and laughed together. I felt very happy but sad too, because I realised it’ll be soon time to leave this lovely team.

So, I really would like to say thank you to all of you for welcoming me so generously and being so great with me, because I know now that I have a friendly family, here in London!