The end of a great experience!

By December 7, 2016Interns, News

I didn’t think three months could pass so quickly. I remember my first day feeling a little bit stressed waiting in front of the company’s door. The team was very welcoming with me and I quickly felt at ease. The bigger fear I had was my English level. But the girls help me to talk; they were very comprehensible and accommodating. Sometimes it was very funny but I’m very happy to meet English people (and Spanish) and discover another culture.

I always wanted to work in a small company. I believe it permits more skill. I’m not disappointed it’s true. The atmosphere is closer. I realised different activities – work in communication, administration and creation. I love being multi-purpose – it’s more attractive and interesting.

This internship was my first experience alone abroad. I would like to thank Kate for accepting my placement. I was able to improve my skills and discover the design sector. I really admire their works. The team realise a project from beginning until the opening. It requires lots of skills! I didn’t think behind a hotel’s interior there are as much works.

Also, thanks to Rethink Interiors I was invited to luxury places like the Dorchester, an iconic hotel. The BCFA Luncheon with designers, suppliers and hospitality clients was the greatest memory I have! The hotel was very huge and impressive. I’m admiring of the interiors. The meal was fabulous and refined. It was an amazing day.

The team is very kind. I’m happy to interact with them and share some activities. I realized my first pumpkin carving thanks to Ailsa. I was very proud to bring my carving in my home! It was a nice moment around a glass of champagne.

To be honest at the beginning London was not my first choice to realize my internship. But now I completely changed my mind! I’m crazy in love with this town. There are lots of things to do and it’s a beautiful place. I’m impressed by the number of parks. I think it’s a pleasant city to live. I would seriously like to come back to London to find my first job.

Thank you so much for everything – the Dorchester, the pumpkin carving, the coffee morning, the meals together, the design events, the morning cookies, your kindness, your good mood, your advice, your help. You are all super persons, stay like you are!

You are welcome in France if you would like to have a good time near to the beach. I hope see you again and I promise to come back to London in a few years!

Ilona – our French intern.