Au revoir from our French marketing intern!

By August 24, 2015Interns

It’s time to say goodbye… looking back on my incredible experience as an intern for Rethink Interiors

After 3 months, it’s time for me to go back home, to France to complete my studies. I guess, I am happy to return to see my family but I think I am sadder to leave the Rethink Interiors team that I consider now as my British family. To leave a lasting souvenir of me, I decided to write this blog about my incredible experience of living and working in London.

First, I was so surprised to see how welcoming my colleagues were. I was quickly fully integrated into the team! From the beginning of June we already started to plan a lot of after work parties which got us closer. I will always remember when Maddy and Ailsa tried snails for the first time, and when Kate sang in a karaoke bar. How funny it was! Today, I can say that I consider them not only as my colleagues, but also as my friends.

Thanks to Kate, I also attended an amazing event that I would probably never have gone to without her! I discovered the London interior design universe and I liked it. It is a mix of luxury, working hard, meeting people and fun! I will never forget my first showroom visit during Chelsea Design Week (because we were lost, thanks Ailsa!) and my day at the Henley Royal Regatta.

During this internship, I learned a lot from a personal point of view but I also acquired many professional skills. I’ve never managed social media for a company before but I tried to represent the best image of Rethink Interiors. I also really enjoyed participating in the Surface View competition which required a lot of creativity. It was a real challenge because I am not a designer, but I utilised what I had learnt from the design team here! Concerning my English skills, who knew I would be able to write blog articles? Of course, there’s still some room for improvement like perfecting the English accent, and catching what people are saying when they talk quickly, especially on the phone! That’s true, I am bad to catch names sometimes and it becomes a quick game to guess who’s speaking!

I will miss London and its atmosphere too. This is certainly the most exciting city I have ever been to! It is impossible to get bored of London. There is always something to do and I love it! Could you imagine that I saw the Royal Family and the Queen!!! Awesome! Returning back to the peace and quiet of the French countryside will be a big change…

Now I have to turn a new page of my life and continue on my own way. Today I am really proud to be part of this company even if it was only for my placement! I will miss these awesome people; that’s why I hope they come to see me in France!

Anaïs, the (ex) French marketing intern, Summer 2015