A bientôt from our French intern!

By July 1, 2016Interns

Ludmilla Michel – marketing intern

The time to say goodbye is almost here… It’s unbelievable how time flies! These three months looked like three weeks!

Before leaving this wonderful experience, I would like to remember all the great moments that I’ve lived in London with these super girls!

This internship was my first one in a foreign country, and as many people I think, I was completely terrified. But this stress left very quickly thanks to the welcoming Rethink Interiors’ team.

One of my favourite memories is the event that we all spent at the famous Gherkin building! I’ve never imagined that once in my life I could go to an event like this to admire London from the Gherkin’s top floor!

Another great moment was the dinner with Maddy, Ailsa and a supplier. At the beginning, we went out only for a drink in the famous Sketch bar but we continued with a delicious Chinese dinner and so many other cocktails. It was such a good evening!

The Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 with Maria was also a super time. Under a typical British weather, we went to see all the new designers’ collections – it was really interesting! It was new for both of us and we really appreciated this discovering day.

My objectives with this internship were to discover the Interior Design field because I love that! And I wanted to learn more about a new culture and the British way of work as well. I really appreciated the relationships into this company and I can definitely say that there is more complicity and it’s more informal than in French companies! It was really pleasant and especially in Rethink Interiors!

Regarding the place, London is the perfect town to do an internship (just close the eyes when you see the prices). There is always something to do – we cannot be bored in this place. I saw and discovered so many things that I’ll never forget.

Finally, I met a really passionate and lovely team who made my internship into a wonderful experience! I would like to thank you all – Kate, Maddy, Ailsa, Maria and Lauren – for this opportunity, for the responsibilities that you gave me and for your friendly welcome. Hope to see you soon in France, in UK or in another country!